[Activity Report] Himeji City releases a guidebook on acute illness in children including pages on AMR (August 31, 2022)

In August 2022, AMR Alliance Japan member Himeji city released the “Guidebook on Acute Illness in Children.”

The guidebook in the Konnichiwa Baby Project, which includes annual at-home visits by public health nurses to all households with infants up to 4-months old. With the goal of providing information to child-rearing households and relieving worries, the nurse directly distributes the guidebook and explains its contents. AMR Alliance Japan was also involved in the creation of the pages in the guidebook related to AMR.

During his first policy speech of FY2022, Mayor Kiyomoto Hideyasu stated, “We must raise the alarm about antimicrobial resistance, which spreads through the improper use of antimicrobials and could cause infectious diseases to become untreatable. I declare Himeji City a ‘City Promoting Countermeasures against AMR.’ We will work to spread the word about this problem among our citizens and medical professionals.” In February 2022, the “Declaration of Himeji City as a City Promoting Countermeasures against AMR” was released. The declaration can be found here.


Guidebook on Acute Illness in Children (Himeji City) in Japanese




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