[Registration Closed] Stabilizing the Supply of Antimicrobials: An AMR Alliance Japan Forum (January 15, 2021)

Stabilizing the Supply of Antimicrobials
An AMR Alliance Japan Forum

An estimated 700,000 people die each year due to antimicrobial–resistant (AMR) infections. Without action on this issue, it is projected that this number could rise to up to 10 million people per year by FY2050. Various policy responses are being undertaken all around the world to tackle this problem.

One area where stronger policy support is needed is antimicrobial supply chains. This was highlighted by the shortage of cefazolin that Japan experienced from March2019. The cefazolin shortage illustrated how the unstable supply of an essential antimicrobial could undermine antimicrobial stewardship activities and negatively impact efforts to treat infectious diseases. In response to the cefazolin shortage in 2019, four Japanese academic societies joined together to release “Recommendations on Stabilizing the Supply of Antimicrobials from Four Academic Societies.” These recommendations proposed that supply problems be solved by tackling issues related to production, distribution, supply and demand, and the pricing of antimicrobials. In response to these recommendations and the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID–19) on pharmaceutical supply chains, the Japanese Government announced during a Cabinet meeting on April 7, 2020 that it would offer partial financial support for efforts to build domestic manufacturing infrastructure related to pharmaceuticals and other products for which Japan is highly dependent on overseas supply chains. On December 15, 2020, the Government announced that an additional 3 billion yen will be set aside in the third supplementary budget for this issue as well.

Furthermore, inMarch2020, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare launched the “Stakeholder Meeting on Stabilizing the Supply of Pharmaceuticals.” This meeting met multiple times throughout 2020, debating strategies toward stabilizing the supply of pharmaceuticals. It published its findings in September 2020.

This AMR Alliance Japan Forum is being held out of the Alliance’s desire to support this momentum and further promote broad–based multi–stakeholder discussion.

The forum will aim to increase awareness and understanding of efforts to stabilize the antimicrobial supply chain. Participants will discuss needed measures in this area based on the findings of the aforementioned stakeholder meeting, and deepen discussion about future policy responses, including efforts to stockpile needed pharmaceuticals, diversify supply chains, and create domestic manufacturing infrastructure. Through this forum, AMR Alliance Japan hopes to further promote the actual realization of policy reforms in this area as proposed by the Stakeholder Meeting on Stabilizing the Supply of Pharmaceuticals and other key stakeholders.


■ Date:
January 15, 2021 (Friday) 14:00-15:30 (JST)

■ Format:
Zoom Webinar*

■ Host:
AMR Alliance Japan (Secretariat: Health and Global Policy Institute)

■ Participation Fee

■ Registration is open to the public (maximum 500 people)
-Simultaneous English-Japanese Interpretation will be provided.

■ Tentative Program and Attendees (names in alphabetical order; titles omitted):

14:00-14:10 Opening

14:10-14:30 Presentation “Policy Reforms to Stabilize the Supply of Pharmaceuticals”
Hiroshi Kiyota (Former President of Japan Society of Chemotherapy/Chairman of the Stakeholder Meeting on Stabilizing the Supply of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

14:30-15:25 Panel Discussion “Future efforts and actions required for each sector”
Hiroshi Kiyota (Same as above)
Testuya Matsumoto (President of the Japan Society of Chemotherapy / Chief Professor, International University of Health and Welfare/ Member of the Stakeholder Meeting on Stabilizing the Supply of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
Osamu Hiruta (Former Chairman of Quality Committee, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Associations of Japan / Specially Appointed Professor, Quality Assurance / Quality Control Joint Research Course, Kumamoto Health Science University)
Hiroshi Shimazaki (Senior Executive, Nichi–Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Takuko Sawada (Vice President, Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
Kyoko Ama (Board Member, Japan Patient Support Research Organization / Former Representative, Ippan Shadan Hojin Shiro Shoni Iryo Mamoro Kodomo–tachi no Kai)
Toshiro Hayashi (Director, Economics Affairs Division, Health Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour,and Welfare)
Yuki Uehara (Department of Clinical Laboratory, Infectious Diseases, St. Luke’s International Hospital, Representative Caretaker of Japan Infectious Disease Education Study Group)

15:25-15:30 Closing


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*Speakers are invited to participate from the Health and Global Policy Institute office. Limited audience seating will be available at the venue by invitation only.

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